Leak Detection

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Types of Leak Detection Surveys that fit your needs:

  1. Comprehensive System-Wide Leak Surveys
  2. Molti-Year Partial & Foll System Leak Surveys
  3. Street Resurfacing Survey before you streets get resurfaced
  4. Emergency or Economy Surveys
  5. Pilot Survey of a Specific Area

List of Leak Detection Services

  1. Leak Detection
  2. Leak Surveys
  3. Water Main Flushing
  4. Hydrant Flow Testing
  5. Equipment Sales
  6. Indoor domestic on hot and cold lines
  7. water main service line leaks
  8. fire protection lines for in ground swimming pool leaks
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All Types Of Underground Utilities

Penn Industrial & Commercial since 1978 has been locating underground utilites of all types. We locate buried utilities of all kinds using the best location equipment by Radiodetection, Trimble, and Schonstedt.

Commercial & Residential

  1. Engineers
  2. Excavators
  3. Architects
  4. Contractors
  5. Property Managers & Developers
  6. Landscape Contractors
  7. Mechanical Contractors & Plumbers
Utility Location Services Include
  1. Water
  2. Cable
  3. Electric
  4. Gas
  5. Sewer
  6. Telephone
  7. Pinpointpoint Location in the Field
  8. Verify Existing Drawings
  9. Locate Undocumented Utilities
  10. Critical Digs- Avoiding Existing Utilities
  11. GPS/GIS Location Services
  12. Accurate Depth Measurements
  13. Locate Buried Valves, Manholes & B-Boxes